Steps to Enjoy the Jacuzzi at Casa Escalante


Step 1:

Make Sure the Water is to the Fill Level before Proceeding. 

Step 2:

Plug the power cable into the electrical outlet.

Step 3:

Use the button on the power cable to test the circuit.

The light should remain on during use.

Step 4:

Turn the knob to heat the Jacuzzi.

Step 5:

Once the knob is turned to the heat position.  The little red light should light when the Jets are on Low.

Press the blue dot.  Each press cycles the water jets through 5 positions.

1) Low Jets

2) Low Jets and the light inside will be on.

3) High Jets and the light inside will be on.

4) High Jest and the light will turn off.

5) Off (Note, the Jets will remain on as long as the knob is in the heat position. Lower the knob back to the position in Step 4 for it to go off)

Step 6:

Turn the Air Jets on.  The Air will come out the same ports as the Water Jets.

This image shows one Air Jet activated.
Picture after draining the hot tub.  The remaining water must be bailed manually.