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New NOPC Computer Construction
by Ray Paternostro








Setting out the pieces.












Zeke shows some CDs to the group.









President takes some photos.
















Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inside!









New User SIG just prior to the PC Construction SIG












More parts and software












Software and Accessories












So, that's a motherboard











Motherboard before RAM, CPU, and Cards












It takes a very steady hand.  Operation, the wacky technician game!













Now for the CPU.  Central Processing Unit.  The brains of the operation.









Add a fan to keep the brain cool and level headed.













Motherboard with CPU.












Remove all those screws.












This is the case or shell to protect your valuable PC.  Notice the power supply in the upper right corner.  Some power cables are visible inside black, red and yellow.






More Chiefs than Indians.
















This took the longest.  Getting the feet on the case.










Place the Motherboard in the case carefully aligning the standoffs.










Now hook up the LED cables to indicate  power and hard drive activity.












Put away the hammer, Zeke.  You have to screw the motherboard to the case.










Zeke assists in screwing the motherboard.












Now insert the floppy disk drive.











Now screw the floppy disk drive to the drive rack.











Open the hard drive box.  Notice how big the box is.












Now install the hard drive in the drive rack.











Notice how small the hard drive is.












Hook the power connectors to the floppy and hard drive.













Aerial view of the insides.  Still missing the cards.  Most of the peripherals are onboard with this Motherboard.











Getting a screw ready to secure the sound card.













The Sound card is in.












Now Ray puts the panels back on.











Let's hook it to the monitor.














Connect the power and monitor cables.












Sorry about this shot!












Let's see if it boots up.











This is the BIOS screen.  BIOS is stored in the CMOS.












Set the CPU speed and RAM speed here.










Wow, something so amazing.











Now, we have to fdisk then format the hard drive.














It still amazes the group.  It almost worked on the first try.












This little box can bring so much fun.










We have to operate again.  Just to flip a floppy cable.












Now they get the software from Maxtor.











Maxtor can fdisk and format at the same time.












Looking for an Operating System boot floppy.  Maxtor requires it.










Well, we can't go much further than that today, without a CD-Rom drive.













Ashton installs Photo Suite.














Still running Photo Suite.












Now reading the directions.





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