New Orleans Personal Computer Club
P.O. Box 8364, Metairie, Louisiana 70011,  Club Hotline: (504) 887-5746

Club Hotline 

The club hotline is 887-5746


The MotherBoard, a monthly newsletter, contains helpful hints, new product reviews, and miscellaneous articles of interest written by our Club members or extracted from other personal computer publications and newsletters.

Newsletter Editor.
Meeting Reporter Frank Masingill.

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We are currently trying to get people to sign up for the electronic only newsletter.  This will help cut the cost to the NOPC club for postage and printing.  Please join the effort, email our Treasurer with a request to stop receiving the paper copy of our newsletter.  If you have a PDF viewer and can receive internet email then you can get the NOPC newsletter and save the club some money.


NOPC operates a general interest Bulletin Board 24-hours a day for members. The board has many shareware programs, FidoNet, information about meetings, and Special Interest Groups. The BBS also serves as the NOPC message center and provides Internet access. It currently provides 6 lines with full rollover capabilities.

The Bulletin Board System can be reached by modem at (504) 486-7249 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

All members have email addresses

BBS Sysop Lanny Goldfinch. (Internet Email to Langston Goldfinch)

Web Site 

The NOPC Web Site, is just starting to take a new shape. It has relocated to and you are obviously here. Hopefully we can provide a more advanced form of communication for our club needs.

For more information contact NOPC Webmaster.

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