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NOPC Club provides a forum for smaller more specific groups with special interests to meet in an informal setting. 
Several SIG groups meet monthly.

SIG Meetings are held at McCann Electronics at 100 Division Street in the upstairs room.

Special Interest Group Moderator Name and Picture Moderator Phone Number Moderator Email SIG Mail List Email  
Internet Ray Paternostro 737-9099  
Genealogy SIG Bob Gorden 469-4686  
New Users SIG 831-1284 for Don or 985-643-3172 for Tom  
Suites 2000 SIG Ashton Mouton 241-2172  
Web Development SIG Ashton Mouton 241-2172  
Web Lab Sherrie Hennie    
Digital Media SIG Ray Paternostro        
Visual Basic Learners Group


Manuel Dennis III 835-7656 

VBLG Mentor

Moving into .NET 

Windows Applications Developers


Manuel Dennis III 835-7656  Retired for VBLG
Greater New Orleans .NET User Group


Manuel Dennis III 835-7656  .NET focused special interest group which deals with .NET Framework, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and Web Services.

Meetings held every ~Monday night at McCann Electronics at 6:30pm.

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