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Andy's Resume.pdf

Andy Escalante

833 Hesper Ave.

Metairie, La. 70005

Phone/Fax: (504) 837-7448

Pager: (504) 251-4672

Education                   Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado

                                    B.S. - Engineering, Electrical Specialty, 1993, minor in Mechanical Specialty.


Certifications            A+ Certified Service Professional by CompTIA,  Introduction to Visual Basic, VB3, by MD EnterprisesAsynchronous Transfer Mode Concepts by 3COM



Skills                          FORTRAN, BASIC programming, AutoCAD (Version 12, 13, 14, 2000), Spreadsheets (Lotus 123, Excel Quattro Pro), Word Processing (Word Perfect, Word), Novell Netware, DOS, Windows (3.x, 9x, 2000), Surveying, Laboratory, Communication, and Machine Shop.



5/00 Present            XOCOMP, LLC, Metairie, LA

                                    Computer Hardware Technician.  Contract work for computer hardware upgrades, Networking, PC troubleshooting.


6/96 4/00                Jolly Consultants, Inc., Metairie, LA

                                    Electrical Engineering Designer.  AutoCAD drafting, electrical engineering design for Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial clients.


1/96 5/00                ASE Computer Technicians, Metairie, LA

                                    Owner/Technician.  Contract work for computer hardware upgrades, Windows 9X Peer-to-Peer Networking, PC troubleshooting.  


2/94 - 10/95              PMCI  Houston,  Texas

                                    Contract Engineering company.

                                    DESTEC Engineering, Assistant Electrical and Instrumentation Superintendent.  Supervise construction of a 123-megawatt output cogeneration power plant in Ludington, Michigan and a 200-megawatt output cogeneration power plant in Fort Meade, Florida.  Ensure quality control in the field through on-site inspections.  Act as liaison between sub-contractors and design engineers.  Provide design solutions.  Implement procedures for tracking job progress.  Study blueprints for entire project.  Use AutoCAD to update engineering prints. Assist Wide Area Network administrator for most of the network operations on site.  Solve hardware and software problems for on site personnel.


References                 Available upon request.


You can download this resume by right clicking on the pdf below.


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